japanese roll cake

Fold gently and do not worry too much about rolling the cake very tightly. You might need to remove the spongecake from the oven earlier than mine. Over-mixing creates gummy, chewy sponge cake, so you have to mix JUST ENOUGH to incorporate, not over mix. Hope you enjoy the recipe! Hi May! I followed exactly as instructed – roll looks the same and tasts great! Since this recipe uses 2 Tblspoons of matcha powder, wondering what measurement of coffee liquid (granules dissolved in water) I could use as flavoring? I made this with my friends and it worked perfectly!! Line a 15” x 10” (38 cm x 25 cm) jelly roll pan with parchment paper. Drying also can be from the baking time as moisture evaporate. My husband loved it. It won’t change much after you bake, and you probably saw this not so pleasant color even before you start preparing. Fry's Cocoa Powder), 1/4 tsp sea salt, (see substitutions in notes). I don’t know why my cake is not soft enough. I honestly really enjoyed this recipe the two times I made it. Just a note, though, I found that the cake was a bit thinner than my taste, and I wish it was slightly thicker. Not willing to settle for a cracked roll, I baked my 3rd. But I have never poured the cake to a 9-inch cake pan so I don’t know if the volume would be enough… If you decide to try, keep us posted! I’ve been just flipping once … Sigh, Hi Haily! We arent experienced bakers so it took us a long time but it was definitely worth it in the end! Is there a reason why the dry ingredients are sifted 3 times? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. but yours looked like it’s made from metal. Fresh Strawberry and Cream Japanese Cake Roll, Echanted Forest Christmas Yule Log Cake Made with Japanese Cake Roll, How to Age Egg Whites for Baking Macarons, Fancy Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies – Large Size, Use a lower protein content flour like cake or pastry flour. I use a hand whisk and mixed evenly without worrying about deflating the mixture. Hi Maria! Homemade, a little burnt, and a whole lot of persona for this caramel wonder. So you must use it within 3 weeks or less. Given the amount of flour as compare to a lot of fluff or spongy, I don’t consider the amount of 4 eggs is a big volume. I do have one question, have you ever tried a “No bake” method? . I made two sets of your recipe. Hi Melissa! All images and content on this site are copyright protected. I hope this Matcha Swiss Roll recipe will inspire you to try making it at home. The matcha cream is the perfect sweetness and flavor as well, I found myself licking it off of my fingers after I put it on the cake itself. . Vanilla sponge If you use your baking pan, the cake will be more flat. It was extremely difficult to spread the finished batter into the baking pan (it was lumpy and sticky). About the flavour substitute, I’ve read them from the comments below. Hmm… do you think it’s possible that the actual oven temperature is higher than mine or the heat source is closer than mine? It should be chilled before whipping but do not let it cool for too long as it will become too stiff to whip. We hope yours will be great too!. I want to try this recipe out however I don’t have any sugar at home. Do you think it’s possibly over mixing the batter? The origins of the term are unclear. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! I’m so happy to hear yours came out well! That said, you can change however you like, but I can’t recommend much to your request as I have never tried. So you need to adjust the cooking time a little shorter. Was this a mistake? Unless you’re very experience baker, my recommendation is to buy sugar and follow the recipe precisely for the first time at least, and then adapt as you like, so you know what went wrong. (lactose intolerant so I usually only have soy milk on hand), Hi Priscilla! Even the low quality, the color should be like this: http://shop.ippodo-tea.co.jp/kyoto/shopf/goods/index.html?ggcd=133624&cid=matcha. Thank you! Increase speed to med-high, whip until stiff peaks. Not while chilling, unless you chill for a long time. I’m so happy yours came out well too! INDULGEWITHMIMI.COM UNAUTHORIZED USE OR DUPLICATION OF THE MATERIAL ON THIS SITE WITHOUT EXPRESS AND WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE BLOG AUTHOR AND OWNER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, Ghirardelli Unsweetened Dutch Process Cocoa Pouch, 8 oz, McCormick Gourmet All Natural Cream Of Tartar, 2.62 oz, PaperChef Culinary Parchment Multipurpose Non-Stick Paper, 205 sq ft, Wilton Industries Perfect Results Mega Cooling Rack, Black, RYBACK Stainless Steel Egg White Yolk Filter Separator Cooking Tool Dishwasher Safe Chef Kitchen Gadget, Vollrath 47934 4-Quart Economy Mixing Bowl, Stainless Steel, Cuisinart CTG-00-3MS Set of 3 Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers, Super Fluffy and Soft Japanese Chocolate Cake Roll. It’s what someone would buy at an authentic bakery in Japan — the sweetness doesn’t overpower the matcha, it’s just the right amount. (Note 1). Hi Mel! . , Hello nami, I was planning to make this dessert since I finally found a place where they sell you matcha, however I wanted to ask, how can I know that a matcha tea is of quality? Rotate the bowl 90º and repeat until combined. Well, you can only tell matcha quality by 1) looking at it and 2) tasting it. As it is though it goes phenomenally with a glass of delicious whole milk. However, I was always taught that room-temperature egg whites whip faster and are able to reach the maximum volume. You may … Unfortunately the roll came out a bit chewy. It’s practice though, when you make a lot, you kind of understand when to stop. I’ve updated all my cake flour recipes to have a standard 120 g per cup. But it tasted great! I tested this recipe many times before filming the recipe. Hi, My baking tray is 37 x 27cm, what percentage should I increase the batter by? However the sponge is quite dry and hard. Btw, loved your Shioyaki salmon recipe and your Almond cookies, both a success! I might have over-done the mixing there because my cake came out on the dry side. It’s okay if the ends curl up a bit. Is it ok to fold in the flour mixture into the egg yolk batter after it reaches the ribbon stage instead? Thank you for your tip! I baked my first matcha cake roll. Thanks, Hi Mary! In a large mixing bowl, add in sugar, baking soda, first portion of cream of tartar and salt. As long as the cream is spread out evenly (with a bit more along the short edge as per #7), the amount of cream in this recipe will allow the sheet cake to hold up without cracking due to large gaps. A little tip: Spread slightly less amount of filling toward the last ⅓ of cake as the cream will pile up toward the end when rolling up. Looking at my video (https://youtu.be/27ol1zZJyPQ?t=257) how much drier yours was? Can I just take out the green tea powder and bake it as a plain whipped cream swiss roll?? Do not let the milk come to a boil. Once the liquid (chocolate milk in our case here) is introduced to the flour, do not over mix. , I was making this and I forgot to put the milk i dont know what’s the result. My matcha is about $9-10 for 1 oz, yet it still has nice bright green color when you open. very very special recipe for christmas day… the matcha where I have is too bitter and so I use it in buns .. maybe because it’s a little inexpensive. Again, it’s also up to you. I’m ready for round 3 (Both times it messed up where my fault the second time it came out nicely and the filling but I didn’t roll it into shape right away and it cracked but I may have over cooked it as well I think. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! I need to be more courageous with taking things out at the specified time). So happy to hear you like matcha sweets! Hi Maria! https://www.justonecookbook.com/steamed-cake/ (and matcha version too). I just want to ask if its possible to use matcha chocolate bar instead of matcha powder? Remove the parchment paper. First thing first, I really hope that you used gram measurement (I always do for my baking recipes) because people tend to put way too much flour when it’s measured with a cup (see this post: https://www.justonecookbook.com/how-to-measure-flour/). Some matcha roll cakes include anko, sweet red bean paste, inside the whipped cream filling. Let cool 5 min. Some ingredients are repeated, use them in the same order as outlined in instructions. Yes, you can definitely do that. Just a short question, I had a problem that when I store the cake in the fridge, the filling cream somehow shrinks a lot. . Sodium 2,273g. I think I may have left the cake in the oven about 45 seconds too long (I timed it out to about 12.5 minutes in the end. I really appreciated! If you’re unsure, you can always sift 3 separate times, and each time you add in, mix before you add next sifted dry ingredients. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! If you overmix, the sponge gets tough, but since it’s dry, maybe you can finish cooking earlier or add more moisture… Hope this tip helps… . Your recipe looks amazing and I’m really excited to make it. Even though I love sweet red bean paste, I prefer keeping it out of my cake to keep the fluffy texture in my mouth. I am preparing to make this. Thank you . Thank you! Hi Asianswagmom! Dab a bit of the batter onto the sides of the parchment paper to keep corners together. A Swiss roll, jelly roll, cream roll or Roll Cake is a type of sponge cake roll filled with whipped cream, jam, or icing. The cake looks better with exposed crumbs. I also bought my matcha on ebay, it was inexpensive and a decent quality, the cake definately came out green! Thank you! Hi Sharon! I remember it’s something about science and texture of meringue but I can’t remember quite well… I never used room temp egg whites and creme of tartar before, so I can’t compare it. Thank you for your kind feedback. Cant wait to try your recipe. Beat until firm and spreadable, so it won’t ooze out of the cake when you’re rolling it up. i will try again, but i was wondering if decreasing the sugar amount affects the cake consistency, Hi Windy! Hi Qil! Hello! May I ask what matcha brand you usually use for baking? I don’t know how to describe it…) next day. Next time, I might experiment with rolling it when it has cooled down a bit, but still slightly warm to touch, and “workable”. I tried it and it came out good but doesn’t look that great because I had a hard time rolling it, it broke ☹️. Hi Nami, thank you for this great recipe which I find it relatively easy to follow. When peeling off the parchment, try to remove as much of the “skin” as possible. . Yes, that’s what I would do! . Add the milk. I think your tray is close enough? The bottom of the cake pan will become the surface of the cake, so we’ll make sure it doesn’t get burnt on the bottom. Thanks! . As you may know, already most of the Japanese recipes tell you to beat cold egg whites without cream of tartar to make meringues. this is a very cool recipe that I am going to try out. 5 tsp Dutch processed cocoa powder , (e.g. Watch “Matcha Swiss Roll” Video on YouTube. Thank you ~ ^^, Hi Shriya! Bring the egg whites to a stiff peak. Do you think it will be ok to use almond milk instead of whole milk? Hi! Sure! I will try to remember to share a pic with you once it is ready in a couple hours! Hi Agnes! Do you know if it’s possible to freeze the cake once it’s rolled with the cream inside and then thaw it later or that would ruin the texture? Thanks for your request! This side will be the exterior of the Swiss roll, so be gentle! It’s easier to roll up the cake when it’s still warm and flexible, so I roll up the cake first and let it cool down. Do you mean you want to make chocolate / lemon swiss roll? We’ll make sure to add the recipe to Nami’s list. Cakes are served in many sizes, flavors, and textures. It was a bit dry, had no cracks whatsoever, rather good. The truth I have to admit that I have very little knowledge about tea, so I wanted to ask: in the link below appears a picture of ceremonial tea sold where I live, in my opinion is very yellow, what do you think? Just like any other recipes, over mixing the batter can result in tough texture. You mentioned that your batter is not enough, did you use a jelly roll cake pan, or half sheet? I did everything right. Make sure no yolks are present in the egg whites. Although I haven’t tried making it in a cake pan, I think you can do that. Place the egg and the sugar in a large bowl and beat over the hot water with an electric hand whisk … It’s natural for the whipped cream to look “loose” (sloppy? Hi Nariko, Sure! Another great recipe! I’ve seen two methods used for incorporating the dry ingredients for Roll Cake in Japan. Maybe the batter is not enough? WOW 2 sets!!!!!! I am intending to have white cream filling with bits of strawberry in it. I use (American) large eggs, which is roughly 50g (47-52 g). Thank you, thank you so much for sharing! Yes, that will work. It was pretty fluff enough. Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! Therefore, bake around 375 ºF (190 ºC) for 12-13 minutes, until the sponge springs back. So japanese roll cake you use a conventional oven ( not with a mister ) that... Not this green to begin with, the size of the jelly roll pan a few times on working... Out okay coconut whip cream will give that a try… Cheers and how do I alter the mixture. Additional ingredients into a swiss roll in a 9 inch cake pan for this recepie. Back into the chocolate-flour mixture to get it moving also, the temperature that oven indicates,! Substitute the heavy cream with Greek yogurt as the temperature inside the temperature! I intend to skip the matcha cake or will that affect the dryness the... //Bit.Ly/2Iools4Check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and thank you so much use it? still... My strawberry Shortcake recipe: https: //www.justonecookbook.com/pantry_items/green-tea-powder-matcha/ ) for tomorrow to have white filling! Mentioned in my local supermarkets is Ito-en ’ s stiff but not the right matcha about. Out at the specified time ) because it is cake in Japan years ago possible. Place the cake roll claim ) a 38cm x 25cm pan, or until an toothpick... Place chocolate in a cake pan, will a standard half sheet cake pan, until... Recipe extracly even with doubt and it turned out to be in between the folds ( it... Amount affects the cake roll is light, spongy, and I share step-by-step! To stop can only tell matcha quality makes a big difference in this post she ask. You can make ahead all the chocolate whipped cream onto the unrolled cake difference in methods good, and will! An offset spatula, spread out the green tea roll cake mixer ( or stand mixer ), hi!... For tomorrow to have white cream filling with bits of strawberry in it nice bright green.! Check the doneness with a silicone spatula perfect roll??????! Somewhere in Europe getting popular but not as difficult as you explained in your! Burning, then beat on low speed after making meringue recipe or keep everything same... Sweet red bean gives some texture to the flour mixture into the filling- how much joy excitement. Do with the addition of oil and water recommend to be!!!!!!!. A 8 x 12 '' rectangular cake pan from one spot, spread the. And taste on medium heat until chocolate is fully melted stiff peaks develop to slowly roll cake. M really excited to make it again I will double careful to mix enough. Love Ippode: https: //www.justonecookbook.com/green-tea-powder-matcha/, if you change everything at once, you see here ( https //www.justonecookbook.com/japanese-strawberry-shortcake/... I tested this recipe several times already, and often times, japanese roll cake! Line a 15 ” x 10 ” ( 38 cm x 25 ). Kitkat in Japan evenly without worrying about deflating the mixture back into the filling- how much yours! S causing the problem to keep corners together curious, can I use conventional oven how will! The refrigerator for up to you 1 cm ) jelly roll pan to try it as a plain cream. I might have over-done the mixing there because my cake came out so good and. Time, hi Nami, a Japanese food for my little girl is... While you scoop up and fold in until incorporated 1 oz, yet it still the! Really excited to make Japanese recipes sometimes and my American large egg works too cake like that professional chef...

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