A bag is not consider a promotional gifts unless it is branded with logo or advertising message. As a total promotional bags solution, we are able to provide three types of customization for the corporate gifts bag namely silkscreen printing, embroidery and heat transfer depending on the quantity and suitability of the bag’s material.

Silkscreen Printing

silks screen printing on toiletries bag
Screen printing is the most common and economical way of printing technique that uses a mesh screen stencil to transfer the ink onto the printing surface. The cost of the silk screen printing is greatly depends on the ordered quantity and number of colours printing. It can print up to 4 solid colours. No gradient colour printing is possible for this method. This is the most recommended printing method for bag as the ink is highly absorbed by the fabric that will produce a long lasting printing effect. Pantone color chart is required to determine the correct color for printing on this method.

Embroidery Stitching

embroidery logo on school bag
We have in house computerized machine that able to offer custom embroidery service for the bags. Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn as referred by this wikipedia page. The cost of the embroidery service is not affected by the number of colours but it depends on the dimension of the intended stitching surface. The bigger the stitching dimension, the higher the cost will be. The embroidery threads are available in many colours and it is durable and washable. Promotional bag with embroidery logo is the best way to promote corporate identity as the logo is virtually permanent and long lasting.

Heat Transfer

heat transfer on laptop backpack
Heat transfer on bag is a method transferring a desired artwork onto the fabric using heat press. The main advantage of this method is heat transfer can produce logo or artwork with gradient color. The cost of the heat transfer is depends on the quantity and printing dimension. It is very expensive for small scale printing. The transferred image will be stick onto the fabric surface. Thus, this method of printing is prone to scratching and the lasting of the printing logo is depends on user handling of the bag.