uss badger sinking

Badger sailed from Eniwetok on 24 June for Pearl Harbor. She was sunk as a target during multi-fleet exercise RIMPAC 98 on 22 JUL 1998 north of the Hawaiian Islands. Previous • Next. Ordered thence to San Francisco for reconversion, she reverted to DD-196 on 20 July 1945 and was later decommissioned at that port on 3 October 1945. USAF photo of the S.S. Badger State sinking in 1969, from the book Sailing Into The Abyss by Willaim R. Benedetto. UnRep evolutions & gunline movies taken by Doc Aiton in the Tonkin Gulf during Badger's first westpacin 1972. Lynda Daugherty, director of media relations for Lake Michigan Carferry, owner of the Badger, said the production crew, including show hosts Ritchie Kohler and John Chatterton, learned about the history of the Badger, which was built in 1952, and about the history of Great Lakes shipping from Hobbs. She saw service during World War II. During it’s first voyage of 2012, the 125 meter long, 3058 dwt ro-ro ferry S.S. Badger ran aground in the harbor at Manitowoc, Wisconsin.The Badger had left Ludington, Michigan behind schedule when it reached Manitowoc. Former Shipping Commissioner William R. Benedetto, author of Sailing Into The Abyss , reports that his book has won the 2006 United States Maritime Literature Award (best American maritime book of the year). George E. Badger was scrapped on 3 June 1946. The ship was fully loaded, mostly, with MK-82 (500 lbs), M117 (750 lbs), and MK-84 (2000 lbs) bombs. USS Badger (DD–126) was a United States Navy Wickes-class destroyer in commission from 1919 to 1922 and from 1930 to 1945. The SS Badger State was a World War II-built cargo ship for the US Navy serving as the USS Starlight (AP-175) in the Pacific theatre, earning four Battle Stars by wars end. USS BADGER served her country for 21 years and 19 days, until decommissioned on 20 DEC 1991. BADGER DE/FF-1071 was the 20th KNOX class frigate. The USS BADGER (FF-1071) deployment history … On or about 26 December, 1969 an accident aboard the SS BADGER STATE 22 caused the ammunition cargo ship to sink with the loss of 5336 long tons of munitions destined for Vietnam. SS Badger - The S.S. Badger is a 410-foot vessel, approximately one-and-one-half times the size of a football field, that is seven stories tall and can accommodate over 620 passengers and 180 automobiles, tour buses, RVs, motorcycles, and commercial trucks. As it approached … She was named for Commodore Oscar C. Badger. USS Badger (DD–126) was a Wickes-class destroyer in the United States Navy during World War I. More photos at The Badger was decommissioned on December 20, 1991, and stricken from the Navy list on January 11, 1995. She was named for Commodore Oscar C. Badger. As of 2005, no other U.S. Navy ship has been named George E. Badger. She was finally sunk as a target during RIMPAC 98.. 21 July 1998, RIMPAC 98.During the early morning hours the exercise to sink the BADGER … This video is my my trip on the historic SS Badger car ferry ship from Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Ludington, Michigan on September 23, 2017. Each season, the S.S. Badger makes almost 500 crossings at 60 miles from port to port. Badger was launched 24 August 1918 by New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey; sponsored by Mrs. Henry F. Bryan, granddaughter of Commodore Badger; commissioned 29 May 1919, Commander Q. T. Swasey in command; and …

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