how did hijikata toshizo die

The character from which the title of the game comes from strongly suggesting that he is the canon. Toushirou takes back control from Tosshi and tells the Shinsengumi that Kondou was saved and that they should keep fighting. That will serve as proof of our existence.". Sougo wants to take a piss, but Hijikata thinks that he is plotting something. When he came to his senses, he was holding a knife, and the bandits were strewn across the floor, each with injuries to their eyes (similar to the ones that they inflicted on Tamegoro). You take a sip of tea and enjoy the scenery in front of you. After the Shogunate army lost Battle of Toba Fushimi and retreated from Osaka to Edo, KONDO temporarily named himself Yamato OKUBO and Toshizo named himself Hayato NAITO, and they set off to Kai province.However, on March 6th they were defeated in Battle of Kosyu Katsunuma.Toshizo rushed to request for reinforcements but was not successful. Such actions were taken with Shinsen-gumi’s position, still weak at the time, in consideration. It is well known that when Ryotaro SHIBA saw Asahi KURIZUKA wearing the uniform of Shinsen-gumi, SHIBA highly praised KURIZUKA. He tried to inform everyone of this, but he bumped into a wild party where everyone was drunk and his chief was half-naked and hanging from a wall. after playing all the routes, I think I find hijikata's most sad (though souji's bad end is a close too) bc we watch a lot of chars die or leave them :c I teared a few times during his route ngl, even though romance-wise it was a bit bland for me. The two, Hijikata and Gintoki, are forced to team up after being abandoned by their partners. He lost his father before he was born and his mother at the age of 6, and he was brought up by his second oldest brother, Kiroku and Kiroku’s wife. The first appearance was when Katsura Kotarou tried to recruit Gintoki but the Shinsengumi followed them, Hijikata Toushirou witnessed Gintoki throwing an explosive bomb outside to save lives. However, since the anime trys to … His strength was also mentioned by Shinpachi in episode 163 where Shinpachi realized that he was boxing with the weak coward Toshi and not Hijikata himself; Shinpachi admitted he would not be standing if he had taken a punch from Hijikata. Under the armor, he wears a black shitagi, yugake and hakama tied with a white himo where he ties his swords. Toushirou just got shot in the knee, just in time, Kondo and the Shinsengumi show up to help, but when Kondo turns to face Toushirou, he goes missing. Until now, it has been said that he went to work at “Matsuzakaya Ito Gofuku store” (present-day Matsuzakaya Ueno store) in Ueno, Edo at the age of 11, but soon quarreled with the head clerk and returned to Hino; according to a newly published copy of Ninbetsu-cho of Ishida village it became clear that he was living in Ishida village when he was 11 years old, and therefore had not yet gone to work at the store. At the beginning they all followed a trace of poop on the ground, and Sougo thought it was Gengai's poop (since he was kidnapped while taking a dump behind a wrecked wall), and even made a bet with Hijikata, but it turned out to be Kondo's poop. He went back to his brother's home for the first time in many years and had a final dinner with him. Hijikata Toushirou ( 土方 十四郎 Hijikata Tōshirō ) is the former Vice-Commander of the Shinsengumi. A man came to the shop and called Otohime beautiful. When Kagura and Kamui's Seventh Division was fighting against the Yato who kidnapped Gengai, everyone else, including Hijikata and the Shinsengumi, were fighting against the immortal Naraku, and then the ground started to crumble and crack, and these cracks were actually small Dragon Holes, where Kondo was about to fall into. Hijikata is a handsome young man (a nod to his real-life counterpart) that he is popular with the ladies with waist-length black hair (when not tied up), dark violet eyes and he is about average in height within the Shinsengumi as he is taller than Hajime Saito, but Hijikata is shorter than Souji Okita. From the Japanese-English Bilingual Corpus of Wikipedia’s Kyoto Articles . Just like English wikipedia, none of this information is guaranteed to be accurate. Toshizo Hijikata (土方 歳三, Hijikata Toshizō) Voiced by: Shinichiro Miki (Japanese); Andrew Love (English) Hijikata is the Vice-commander of the Shinsengumi and makes most of the Shinsengumi's decisions. He has written many poems and left poetry books such as “Hogyoku Hokku-shu,” etc. On this occasion, Toshizo was so angry that he threw his pillow at MOCHIZUKI. It is said that Hijikata raided the bank to take back his sword. Hijikata died by getting shot while riding a horse back in 1869 and they showed that in the anime so I do think Hijikata died in the anime as well. [2] He is also a chain-smoker, and once went to great lengths, in fact to other planets, to get his smoking fix when Matsudaira declared a city-wide smoking ban with immediate effect,[3] though during the Silver Soul Arc he tried to quit smoking. Only records of Chugokui Mokuroku awarded to Toshizo remain in Tennen-Rishin-ryu dojo today. But in the end, Yamasaki wrote a school like an essay with no crucial information. He thinks that this is the golden opportunity for Sougo, who always wanted to kill him. ICHIMURA was overwhelmed by such strong spirit of Toshizo and agreed to carry out his order. He is very talented in his sword-fighting skills and has also shown incredible strength in many episodes (such as in Mitsuba arc where he killed almost an entire enemy force by himself). Shikanosuke opened the package thinking that Toshizo might have sent presents from Kyoto, but the package was filled with love letters from geishas and apprentice geishas who were in love with Toshizo. Hijikata has a strong sense of pride, as seen in the Yagyuu Arc, when he claimed that his injuries (received from his fight with Kitaooji Itsuki) were actually from getting caught in an automatic door at the Marui Department Store. Even now, Hijikata still winced at the noise. In a Cross-fictional take on history, in Golden Kamuy, Hijikata's one of … Toshizo Hijikata (土方歳三 in Japanese) is a member of the Ends and the sworn enemy of Toyohisa Shimazu of the Drifters series. Yakuza.). MOCHIZUKI retorted that “you were fortunate enough to seize Utsunomiya Castle, but wasn’t the castle soon retaken? As everyone was informed of what happened to Gengai, they all started to look out for him. 2 Years Later (a) In the attack, Tamegoro protected Toushirou from being killed by the bandits and ended up losing his eyes. ENOMOTO, who landed in Esashi, and Toshizo watched Kaiyomaru sink, and they are said to have punched a pine tree which stood nearby and lamented together; the “Nageki no Matsu” (pine tree of lament) still remains today. Aoshi's most distinctive feature is his eyes, which are a piercing, ice-cold blue. Hijikata states that he doesn’t remember anything, so Sougo explains to him what happened during their night patrol. A soldier. As long as I am here, this is--- the Shinsengumi. After all, the ruckus ended and the former Shogun Tokugawa Sadasada finally died, both Kondo and Hijikata paid a visit to Isaburo, and here they find out about a complot from the Hitotsubashi faction towards the Tokugawa faction, and the purpose of the complot is to place Tokugawa Nobunobu as the Shogun instead of Shigeshige. Because of her largely self-imposed sense of obligation, she is reluctant to decline tasks she does not really want to do. The following tanka poem is said to have accompanied the letter [from Toshizo]: Ladies make me forget to do my best for my country. Basic Information True Name Hijikata Toshizō Type Heroic Spirit Rank ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sourc This causes the Shinsengumi on high suspicion, especially Hijikata Toushirou who wonders what is the connection between Katsura and Gintoki. In the end, Hijitaka lost against Gintoki, although Sougo wants to challenge but Kondo claimed better not to. We get to meet Hijikata in his late, post-Shinsengumi phase, when he feels defeated and struggles with doubts, and goes off to the Ezo Republic because he’s looking for a place to die. Because of this background Hikogoro took a pledge of brotherhood with KONDO and supported Tennen Rishin-ryu. Chapter: Shinsengumi: The Shogun's Last Samurai Corps is the true story of the notorious samurai corps formed in 1863 to arrest or kill the enemies of the Tokugawa Shogun. Gradually the cursed sword becomes stronger, affecting Toushirou to step down his role in Shinsengumi. Toyohisa has short black hair and light grey eyes. Hijikata Toshizou - Died after killing Kazama due to overuse of Rasetsu power (The ending was made ambiguous so that it could mean that Hijikata may survive. In fact, he shows obsessive behavior and unhealthy addictions which seem to be hard for him to break and are his biggest weakness. He made many rules. Hijikata Tōshirō Mar 2, 2018 - The latest media Tweets from ハルタ はにわ (@ZutunashiDocomo). In Edo, Toushirou would meet new friends and would continue to grow stronger as a member of the Roshigumi which would later become the Shinsengumi. The character from which the title of the game comes from strongly suggesting that he is the canon. It’s not a current version of the Japanese article either. When arriving at her fiance's mansion, Sougo leaves first as Gintoki and Sougo talk for a bit. The Shogunate unofficially notified to assign KONDO as Yoriki Joseki (Head of Additional Soldiers) and Shinsen-gumi members as Yoriki (Additional Soldiers), but Toshizo persuaded KONDO not to settle for a Yoriki, aim for a Daimyo instead and wait for the next opportunity; KONDO heeded his advice. These walkthroughs follow the paths that contain the most interactions with Hijikata and the fewest interactions with other candidates, even when there are no changes in affection. 土方 十四郎 Toshizo Hijikata was a sub- leader of the Shinsengumi, and he was a very strict person, so many members of the Shinsengumi were afraid of him. She spends the afternoon with Sougo and Gintoki, who pretended to be his best friend. His voice remained as deep while 2 plaits were added onto his hair, one on each side. The road of love, If you know it you are lost, if you know it not, you will not get lost. Trivia. In Aizu, he spent 3 months in recuperation, and it is said that during this time he built Isami KONDO’s tomb in Tennei-ji Temple. Hijikata Toshizou - Died after killing Kazama due to overuse of Rasetsu power (The ending was made ambiguous so that it could mean that Hijikata may survive. One day, Hijikata met Kondo Isami at Sato Hikogoro's dojo and he became a pupil of Tennen Rishin Ryu in 1851 and was officially enrolled at the school in 1859.His skill of the ryu-ha was just Mokuroku, however his name … On April 9, 1869, the army of the new government started to land in Otobe, Ezo. An interview with the voice of Toshizo Hijikata, Joji Nakata! My heart is pure, as I face my reflection on the water. => A story that has been handed down in the HIJIKATA family.Taken from “Taizo HIJIKATA told by his descendants” written by Meguji HIJIKATA. There were times that Tosshi would take over his body, like when Toushirou just finished assembling a shelf, it would suddenly be filled up with otaku DVDs. As a woman, he had long black hair tied in twin braids and was overweight due to eating too much mayonnaise while in his normal form. After he fully recovered and returned to the battle line he endeavored to protect Aizu, but Battle of Aizu intensified after they lost the Battle of Bonari-toge in August. Afterward, Toushiro decides to fight with Itou in his final battle so that he could die a respectable samurai. Shinsen-gumi broke up into the group of YAMAGUCHI and others who remained in the castle town and the group of members who left at Tennei-ji temple. His cold stare and commanding battle prowess have earned him the nickname Demon Deputy among the Shinsengumi men. Together with ENOMOTO Toshizo participated in military meetings of Ouetsu Reppan Domei (Northern Alliance) and was recommended to become General of Domei Army; however, Ouetsu Reppan Domei soon collapsed, and after the clans forming the Domei Army surrended one after another to the army of the new government, Toshizo decided to fight until the end, so long as there is a place where he can fight. Hijikata: Nevertheless, why did I Hijikata: Sold him over to the enemies!? Toushirou and Sougo both participated in the Monkey Hunter game as they were both turned into screwdrivers. The days and months of the year which pass by, I cannot do anything about it. It is said that when he was a child, he often remained naked after taking a bath, and practiced Sumo with a pillar in his house. Subsequently, they were trying to recover power in Nagareyama but on April 3rd, they were suddenly surrounded by the army of the new government; the commander, KONDO, surrendered himself to the army of the new government.On this occasion, it is said that Toshizo stopped KONDO from committing hara-kiri, and persuaded KONDO to present himself to the army of the new government. He eats copious amounts of mayonnaise and believes the world loves mayonnaise. =>Taken from “Yumeno Uwagoto” written by Mitsuzo MOCHIZUKI and “Kokuhaku no Kokuhatsu” written by Shison MOCHIZUKI. It is said that Toshizo also trained himself in swordsmanship at this Dojo.In February of the 3rd year of Bunkyu, Toshizo, together with his comrades of Kondo Dojo (Shiei-kan), applied for the Roshigumi to guard Iemochi TOKUGAWA, Seii Taishogun of the Shogunate, and departed for Kyoto.After the political change on August 18 1863, the active role of Miburoshi-gumi was acknowledged, and Shinsen-gumi was set up. Select Chapter 3 with Low Romance and High Corruption-I believe in you-Make him endure it-Stop Hijikata (Game Over 3) GAME OVER 4: Go to Record of Service and choose Hijikata. A biographical sketch of the life and ideals of Hijikata Toshizou, Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi, fighting to uphold the Shogunate during the Meiji revolution. Before he joined the Shinsengumi, he was a wandering pharmacist that peddled homemade remedies. Hijikata Toushirou Subsequently, Nishiki NIMI committed hara-kiri, and Toshizo directly assassinated Kamo SERIZAWA and some others. Nakai also voices Sainglain from Ixion Saga DT, Shizuka Doumeki from xxx-Holic, Ryuuji Suguro from Ao no Exorcist, and Shoichi Imayoshi from Kuroko no Basket. He is skilled with a spear, using it as his weapon of choice instead of the sword. => a story told by Shikanosuke KOJIMA. “Hijikata-san, you let her leave when you did that to her?” “I didn’t know,” Hijikata quickly said. Although his sword skills might not be at Gintoki's level, he was able to defeat Sougo in the Mitsuba arc. Yorozuya decides to help him, and they steal a Shinsengumi police car while protecting Tosshi from Itou's faction. These walkthroughs follow the paths that contain the most interactions with Hijikata and the fewest interactions with other candidates, even when there are no changes in affection. It is said that Toshizo remained calm in Hakodate. Historically, he committed suicide by poison at an old age for not being able to complete his conquests. During the events of the Dekoboko Arc, he switched genders due to a curse and was seen in his female form. Hijikata's weapon of choice is a samurai sword, which would later be the Muramasha sword. In “Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto”, Toshizo Hijikata is introduced as he sits in the photo studio, having that famous picture of his taken. This is also evident in his going after Sakata Gintoki in order to avenge Kondou and the Shinsengumi's honor after Kondou lost a challenge to the silver-haired samurai for the right to date Shimura Tae. But, the game is stopped short after Gintoki realizes that the four have been beating all the audience members due to lack of sight with their virtual glasses and gloves. I cannot help resting my hand as I dust the shelves, when I hear a warbler sing. => A story that has been handed down in the SATO family.Taken from “Kikigaki Shinsengumi” written by Akira SATO. Japanese Name: Buraun-kan no Kaibutsu-tachi” (Director: Jyo HIROSE) (Year 1985, Hissatsu Series), by Shochiku.Acted by Tetta SUGIMOTO “Bakumatsu Junjyo-den” (Director: Mitsuyuki YAKUSHIJI)Year 1991, by Shochiku.Acted by Beat Takeshi “Taboo (Movie)” (Director: Nagisa OSHIMA, Year 1999, by Shochiku.Acted by Kiichi NAKAI “Shinsengumi” (Director: Kon ICHIKAWA), Year 2000, by Media Box.Acted by Eugene NOMURA “When the Last Sword is Drawn” (Director: Yojiro OTAKI), Year 2003, by Shochiku.Acted by Asahi KURIZUKA “Shinsengumi Keppuroku” Year 1965, by TV Asahi.Acted by Yoshio KANEUCHI “Ryoma ga Yuku (NHK Taiga Drama)” Year 1968.Acted by Asahi KURIZUKA “Moeyo Ken” Year 1970, by TV Asahi.Acted by Asahi KURIZUKA “Shinsengumi” Year 1973.Acted by Tatsuya FUJI “Katsu Kaishu (NHK Taiga Drama) Year 1974.Acted by Ikko FURUYA "Shinsen-gumi Shimatsuki”.Acted by Shozaburo DATE “Ryoma ga Yuku Year 1982 version” by TV Tokyo.Acted by Isao NATSUYAGI “Mibu no Koi Uta” Year 1983, by NHK.Acted by Masaomi KONDO “Byakko-tai (Nippon Television Network TV Drama)” Year 1986.Acted by Muga TAKEWAKI “Shinsengumi” Year 1987.Acted by Tetsuya WATARI “Goryokaku (TV Drama)” Year-end Jidaigeki Special, by Nippon Television Network.Acted by Koji YAKUSHO “Moeyo Ken” Year 1990, by TV Tokyo.Acted by Takeo CHII “Shinsen-gumi Ikedaya no Ketto” Year 1992, Tokyo Broadcasting System.Acted by Jyun HASHIZUME “Tokugawa Yoshinobu (NHK Taiga Drama)"Year 1998.Acted by Hiroaki MURAKAMI "Shinsengumi Keppuroku” Year 1998, by TV Asahi.Acted by Tsuyoshi IHARA “When the Last Sword is Drawn” Year 2002, by TV Tokyo.Acted by Koji YAMAMOTO “Shinsengumi !” Year 2004, NHK Taiga Drama.Acted by Koji YAMAMOTO “Shinsengumi !! He says he sent Yamazaki to get him something to eat. Toshizo, who had his leg wounded in Battle of Utsunomiya, was in sickbed at an inn in the castle town of Aizu Wakamatsu from around April to July of 1868 (there are different views regarding the period). Toushirou refused to speak to him, but Tamegoro asked Toushirou to send him letters regularly. I now have an NP3 Herc, so I decided it was probably best to leave it at that given all the banners coming up in the near future. Because of glitches in the game, Hijikata started with 3 hp, all of which he loses after stubbing his toe, in a similar position, Gintoki was poisoned. Though she is extremely sensitive to others' needs, she can be oblivious as regards herself. Feared by both his enemies and his underlings, Hijikata, typically known as the Demonic Vice-Commander (鬼の副長, Oni no Fukucho) is very strict and dedicated to his work. They passed through the Shimodate clan and the Shimotsuma clan, and won the Battle of Utsunomiya Castle and conquered Utsunomiya Castle. However, the other entrance at Matsumaeguchi fell under the attacks of the enemy, and as there was a risk of losing a route for a retreat they had no choice but to return to Goryokaku. With these strategies and the cooperation with other groups, such as the Yoshiwara's Hyakka, the Imperial Oniwabanshuu, and the Yorozuya, they could successfully expel the amanto army from Kabukicho. Toshizo contributed significantly to the Japanese popular reputation of Shinsegumi. A lot of people have an image of Okita as being “very strong”, he needed to look even stronger than Hijikata (Toshizo) san, so I remain highly inquisitive about that. Kazama Chikage - Died in last episode after receiving fatal blow from Hijikata. The two share similar fears, such as being terrified of ghosts and dentists, but they can also reach an unbelievable synchronization when fighting together [6]. When Gintoki and Katsura turned into cats and Kondo into a gorilla, they went to beg some food. Hijikata dashes forward and catches the dog, but Sougo thinks that he is a traitor, so Hijikata throws the key out of the window. Though when he sees that Sougo joins to put down the Rengokukana also as a similar fool to Gintoki he reluctantly joins also. When he departed for Hino, ICHIMURA realized that someone was standing by a window. Toshirou later became a student to the Dojo and an underclassman to Sougo, who disliked Toshirou due to his jealousy of the latter receiving an unfair amount of attention from Kondou and Mitsuba. Hijikata Toshizō is on Facebook. Toushirou was born after his father died. Two years after the war, Shinpachi realized that the top members of the Shinsengumi were dismissed from the police. Dark Blue (Anime)Red (Manga) That's when Yamazaki barges in and tells Kondo that Toushirou went off to finish off Kuraba on his own, because Sougo's title could be stripped if others find out that his sister is related to someone with the Joui. Hijikata Toshizo was raised by his older brother and sister-in-law, as Hijikata’s father, a wealthy farmer, died just before his 10th child’s birth, and his mother only a few years after. Hakodate was the samurai's last stand, and the end of their influence in japan, after hundreds of years of rule. His farewell poem was “Even if my body decays around the islands of Ezo, my soul will protect my lord who lives in the East ”. Placing her on the ground, Hijikata and Kondou stayed in the room as Yamazaki started to work. When they tell Jigsaw that they won’t betray each other, a dog appears and attempts to eat the key. 2729 (Two Years Arc)32 (Movie 2) Despite this, he never stopped moving forward and aimed to become stronger because of the deep regret stemming from his being unable to save his brother and protect the ones he loves. A black haired man asked. Kondo asked to marry with Otohime, but she said that she already has someone, making Hijikata curious. Human Subsequently, ICHIMURA managed to safely deliver Toshizo’s articles to Hikogoro SATO at Hino-jyuku. He also has a tendency to cry after watching movies that are not particularly emotional (as seen in Episode 40 after he watched Alien vs. During one search, Gintoki encounters Yoshida Shouyou who had h… Chizuru tells him he can't do that and he just gives up arguing with her. Future They spend their peaceful days together until the final battle came and then Hijikata resigned himself to die in this battle. Did you know Hijikata Toshizo is a MAJOR Japanese historical figure?! Along with Kondo, Hijikata sided with the Yorozuya, set them free from prison, and helped them to get inside the castle. Occupation(s): He couldn't get Gintoki to speak, but he tracked him (with the help of Yamazaki the Mob Cop) as he escaped in a ship with Takasugi to Edo. He has a strong admiration for Isami and will do anything to put his long-time friend into a place of power. However, they lost Battle of Mibu and fled; they fought again with the army of the new government in Utsunomiya during which Toshizo injured his leg; he was escorted to Aizu before the main army arrived in Aizu. The female Gin (Ginko) would constantly tease Hijikata and call him names like 'pig' and how he won't get a man. When his nephew (Hikogoro SATO’s 3rd son, Tamekichi) fell down in the garden and cut his forehead, it is said that Taizo immediately rushed towards Tamekichi, laughed and caressed the boy saying, “the boy is wounded when he was confronting the world, so joyful, so joyful.”. He similarly smokes so often that in episode 119, when smoking was banned at the Shinsengumi headquarters and all across Kabukicho, he left to space to obtain cigarettes and smoke (though later episodes show that smoking is still allowed in the Shinsengumi headquarters, implying the ban didn't last long). Toshizo calmly judged the circumstances and calmed his men down by telling them that “if our enemy really wished to surround us they would hide all noises so that we will not notice them.”. He catches up with the car that Kuraba is escaping in, and destroys it with the help of Gintoki and Sougo. She has a deep-seated desire to make herself useful to those who help her, such as the Shinsengumiand (in his route) Kazama. Again, they all followed a trace of blood, and Hijikata thought that Gengai was seriously injured and followed the trace, but it turned out to be Hattori Zenzo's blood from his hemorrhoids. Hijikata enters the competition for Otsu's official fan club as he had already assembled over five thousand otakus on his team while the only opposing team was Shinpachi's Terakado Tsuu fan club in which a lot of members had gone over to Hijikata's team. Toushiro was known as "Thorny Toshi" after this incident, and he could no longer be with his beloved brother. Chizuru is naturally curious, which can make it hard for her to drop certain subjects. On the morning snow, there are no horizontal footsteps. Upon Ikedaya Incident on June 5 1864, Toshizo lead half of the troop to search around Tantora (Shikokuya), visited frequently by members of the Choshyu clan and the Tosa clan, but nobody was there. On this occasion, Takeaki ENOMOTO went to the offing of Esashi in order to support HIJIKATA’s family from the sea, but his ship was stranded because of a storm. If no choices are bolded, your answer does not affect the route; however, when possible, you should avoid raising others' affection. North of the waters, and south of the mountains, is the spring moon. Titles: Otohime opened a snack house. Subsequently, the other vice commander, Keisuke YAMANAMI assumed the position of Soucho, and HIJIKATA became the only vice commander. Hijikata looked directly at me when he spoke, and I got the distinct feeling that his words weren't meant for his companions. At the end, when everyone was back to their normal appearances, in the cinema, Hijikata spreads mayo on top of his popcorn. Underneath the standard blue haori, cord and headband, he wears a purple kimono top and gray hakama in the first season and carrie… Gender: In “Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto”, Toshizo Hijikata is introduced as he sits in the photo studio, having that famous picture of his taken. Hijikata wakes up in a place with Sougo. After he bought the cursed sword Muramasha, he developed a split personality named Tosshi ( 十四 Tōshi ). Eye Color: Delete. Physical Features ShinsengumiYorozuyaHijikata Family Dark green (Anime)Black (Manga) Chizuru is hardworking and kindhearted, with a strong sense of propriety and justice. After learning that a silver hair samurai beat Kondo Isao at a duel, the whole Shinsengumi went seeking for Sakata Gintoki. Kondo and Hijikata then make their very first and last request to the Yorozuya to protect the Shogun to the very end. Hijikata and the Shinsengumi developed some strategies to take down the huge amanto army that the Altana Liberation Army displayed on Edo, since this army was on numbers advantage.

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