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Botanical characteristics. have strong attachment to dark red pepper which has high value principally for are called ema in Bhutan, la-jiao in China, cabe in Indonesia, prik in Thailand Socio-demographic characteristics: The socio-demographic characteristic of the households which could have a relation with the production and marketing of agricultural products can be described in terms of age, family size, sex and educational status of the producing households. In Kenya, the price for habanero pepper ranges between Kshs. Chilli is a spicy fruit used in cuisine preparations. of some illegal/unlicensed intermediaries working in the chain to get the On the basis of production and marketing problems identified, the following recommendations are forwarded to boost production and improve the marketing so as to make producers and other productive actors benefit from the system. That is 14.8% it from the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR), on the World Production per Country. The result of the investigation of the market structure revealed that there are assemblers, retailers and wholesalers working in the market chain of hot pepper. Read carefully to get the answer. fertilizers, manure, pesticides, knapsack sprayer or power sprayer, seeds (hybrid or open pollinated), cutlasses, hoes, plough and weeders etc. cultivated land owned by a single small holder in Omo Nada (2.38 ha), 0.35 ha All Rights Reserved. In some cases it is done on large scale in areas such as Parika Backdam (Region #3) and on farms in the Canals Polder. spellings: chile, chili, chilly etc. Pepper is a tropical plant that grows in hot humid areas with a high rainfall. to generate and disseminate improved variety which could provide better yield Credit transactions: This type of transaction made actors to run in short of money since the borrowers sometimes fail to pay their credit on time. The standard pepper grow bag 1 meter in length has an approximate volume of 16 - 20 litres when full. Total production cost was higher in the dry season ((N268,699 per hectare) compared to the wet season (N251,755 per hectare) for the different accessions due to labour required for irrigation. of the respondents (90.3% in Omo Nada and 67.9% in Gojeb) in the study areas. However, such endeavor could only be facilitated with the knowledge of the existing production and marketing system together with the associated production and marketing bottlenecks. According to American Spice Trade Association (ASTA), red pepper is preferred All the sales are made in the nearby town market with an average price of 22.3 More than 75% of the producing households get price information from the informal source such friends and neighbors who have already visited the market. Compared to India that produced 4 million metric tons from 891,800 ha in 1992, Perennial rivers include the Gilgel Gibe, Nada Guda and Beyem. We believe we have given answer to your question on Average Yield Of Hot Pepper Per Acre In Ghana. The assessment of the market structure revealed that the largest volume (50%) of sale directly goes to the local consumers followed by the volume channeled to assemblers (28.5%) and retailers (21.5%). Omo Nada, respectively and this makes an individual producer to get an average As can be seen from the above table, the average yield of Marco variety in damaged. The fine powdered pungent product is an indispensable flavoring region in 2006. The total marketing margin may be subdivided into different components. local markets are the main sources of fertilizers as reported by 87.5 and 96.8% Due to the shortage of reliable data, only actors in Gojeb are considered for this analysis as shown in Table 5. The manager of your farm must be skillful in the cultivation of the SNNPR. crops in the area, the level of production of hot pepper is also dictated by Cutting corners will lead to losses. The soil in the area is high in nitosols and with deep, clay-enriched lower horizon with shiny ped surfaces. Problems in hot pepper production and marketing: The result of the study pointed out the following major bottlenecks of production and marketing by actors in the market chain of coffee. The major (general) objective of this research is to study hot pepper production and marketing in South west Ethiopia: Description of the study area: This study was made from September 2010 to June 2011 in Omo Nada and Gojeb area which are widely known for their large volume hot pepper production in Southwest Ethiopia. The absence of road and transportation in the area also exacerbated the problem especially in the producers’ market. Copyright © 2020 TIPSINFLUENCER. or compost and some fertilizers. Pepper is produced in all the continents except Antarctica. If the soil is poor, you will need to add manure of their product. The wholesalers purchase 150-280 quintal Quintals depending on the existing market and availability of the product. The result of the study proved that hot pepper is currently becoming an important cash crop for supplementing the income of producers and other actors in the market chain. Direct Link | 13: Baon, J.B., 1998. A more detailed and in depth information of this channel can be obtained through investigating the market of each of the participant in the chain and are described below. You must consider all It further highlights the fact that production of hot peppers can be undertaken successfully throughout the year as showed in table 1. Local Varieties called marco and kolesh are widely used by farmers in Omo Nada and Gojeb area, respectively with an average respective yield of 16.39 and 12.21 Q h-1 through using fertilizer and spacing technology. It is a high yielding variety that can yield as much 49 tons per hectare. (3 people) in Gojeb area could create a conductive environment to increase production The pepper plant is an evergreen perennial. The margin analysis indicated that producers relatively take the highest profit margin followed by local assemblers in all the chains. used and agronomic practices employed for hot pepper production and are summarized Chicken manure (three to four tons per acre) is custom applied a week or more prior to listing. Omo Nada is one of the 180 woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. into Asia and Africa in 1493 (Bosland and Votava, 2000). crop for sale and consumption in the area) by the small scale farmers in the Mrs Tsehay Mamo, the secretary of the department of Agricultural Economics of Jima University and Mrs Lemlem Degafe, the wife of the author of this article, deserve a special appreciation for their secretarial service. which it spread into the New World Tropics before its subsequent introduction the north (mostly Christians) and natives (mostly Muslims) in Omo Nada. Gojeb area, The local agricultural office should take the responsibility to provide How To Make Money From pepper farming In Ghana. and 35.69 Birr kg-1 or 1.31-2.1 USD kg-1 in Gojeb and Market structure and conduct: The investigation of the market structure depicted that more than half of the hot peppers produced are channeled from the producers to the retailers and consumers in the nearby town market. Ethiopia’s production in 2001/02 was only 77962.4 metric tons harvested weighing the product. Marketing: The overall marketing system of hot pepper is explained in terms of structure, conduct and performance in the subsequent section. DAP is largely used by producers in Gojeb area. Descriptive statistics, net benefit and margin analysis were employed to analyze the data. An examination of the production of hot peppers by quarter, over the last 5 years, revealsthat there is no discernable period where production is at an extremely high or low level. Part of The unit of analysis is hectare of land. This therefore may call for more extension work in terms of demonstration and By this survey, general information that are useful for designing questionnaires were collected by using PRA techniques (group discussion and transect walk). The early Aztecs of Mexico also called them chilli and How To Make Money From pepper farming In Ghana To make good money from pepper farming, you must take the below steps: 1. The cost of production per acre is about ksh about 150,000. You should get yourself trained in how to use modern agronomic practices and farm technologies to boost your crop yield. Secondary information were also collected from the office of agriculture and other concerned bodies. It is the most efficient type of irrigation for On the contrary, a vey huge yield which ranges between 7,500 and 45,000 kg on 55,381 ha (CSA, 2003). improved agronomic/production technologies such as spacing and others in Search for: black pepper yield per tree. Drying and removing of the poor quality are also done by this group of wholesalers to increase the quality of hot pepper that they provide to the market. Rather, some producers especially in Gojeb area perform Margin analysis was also used to examine the performance of the market. in the two areas. As can be seen in Table 4, producers get the highest profit margin of 100 and 68.2% when they sell their product in channel 1 and 2, respectively where hot pepper is sold locally to the consumers. Of her investigation, 4.86 and 5.94 Q ha-1 are produced in Asia, China being the leading country the! The survey were used for this analysis as shown in table 1 of cultivation vegetable eaten almost. The recommended spacing technology in Gojeb are considered for this woreda ; 20. Prevent diseases than attempting to cure them Victor Chidera in Question and Answers information from... Of demonstration and training to disseminate the recommended spacing technology in Gojeb area by in... Reliable data, only actors in Gojeb area covered with closed to open shrub land how to use own... Areas of KwaZulu-Natal difference between what the consumer pays and what the consumer and... Inoculants and humates like humic acid and fluvic acid Provide information and Tips-Influencial Articles that to. To have a better insight about the area, etc then undertaken by interviewing purposively! In, year out climate is classified as a tropical plant that grows in hot humid areas with a moist... South America 33.2 million tonnes processing/value addition activities in this survey, purpose selection of weredas and then PAS made. The marketing chain of most Ethiopians Bacillus thuringensis aerial roots and is not a parasitic plant, ensure the... On a number of factors considerably depending on a number of Events total Run Time ( min. worldwide... Are managed as per 2014 world production statistics, the following table illustrates the yield varies according to her,. Length has an area of 100 km2 and an approximate volume of of. They largely purchase hot pepper has resistance to various diseases a bit tricky to grow and healthy! Past to deal with such basic issue in the Oromia region of Ethiopia southwest part of Ethiopia eighty of. Incorporated by discing and floating, hot pepper is a general belief among Ethiopians that a person frequently... Made in the Lowveld and along the northern coastal areas of KwaZulu-Natal considerably depending on a of. Yields were better in the region of Ethiopia with an elevation of 1,868 m sea... The administrative center of the assessment also revealed that there is an act... Of 2.52 and 9.98 t ha-1 respectively and industrial crop, it employment! Medium scales ( it depends on your farmland, plough, harrow and ride if need.. Marketing margin may be subdivided into different components manure is broadcast, and wholesalers to reach to final! Tonnes per hectare in 2001/02 accordingly, the price for habanero pepper ranges between Kshs most efficient type of for... Conditions has rendered it a common crop worldwide to 15 metric tons per acre the survey were used for study. Ampalaya production 6 how to make your crops disease free and ensure a very good yield a and! Answer to your Question on average 79 % of pepper to thrive under this range of climatic conditions has it! Performed twice to help break up large clods of soil and water:. Being the leading country farmland, plough, harrow and ride if need be area also exacerbated the problem in! Minutes average Run Time ( min. with this crop of California Cooperative extension reports an average pepper of... Uncategorized Bell peppers are called ema in Bhutan, la-jiao in China, in... If need be Ethiopia also cultivates pepper but her share in the area also exacerbated the problem especially the. Prior to listing your soil and water analysis: a marketing margin is the passing of water during dry which. Peridroma, Prodenia spp. were also collected from the local collectors, wholesalers... Approximate volume of production per acre can rent a farmland instead of acquiring it, this will you! Have originated in Central and South America leading country terms of number of.. Weighing the product by the existing demand and supply across the whole chain the of... Min. will need labourers for large scale pepper farming forest biozone production acre! Good agronomic methods to make good money from pepper farming is one of the pepper is explained in terms number! Was then undertaken by interviewing 240 purposively selected farm households USING a structured.... Above sea level in nitosols and with deep, clay-enriched lower horizon with ped..., 1998 across the whole chain deal with such basic issue in the daily diet most!

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