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My question is why we need to set control site which gives a biased result, or anybody had any similar observation. PS-II absorbs far red light of wavelengths greater than 680 nm and PS-I absorbs red light of wavelengths greater than 700 nm. 111. In passive water absorption transpiration pull is responsible for absorption of water. Porphrin is a cyclic tetrapyrrol structure, having a magnesium atom in the centre. (c): Water movement between cells is due to DPD. 36. 45. 137. The rest of soil water (hygroscopic, combined, free, gravitational and 25% capillary water) are not available to plants. It may be interesting to use LED lamps that generate light intensity comparable to light intensity generated by fluorescent tubes for plant tissue culture. Neocleous and Vasilakakis (2009) investigated the response of raspberry to Boron and salt stress. One technique is to simultaneously measure CO2 fixation and PSII photochemistry at different light intensities, in non-photorespiratory conditions. Phytochrome occurs in 2 forms, i.e., PR and P,.R (i.e., red light and far red light absorbing forms) and these 2 forms are interconvertible. Ethylene might be producing certain enzymes, essential for fruit ripening. It involves production of two ATP molecules, no NADPH, is produced. Cut or excised leaves remain green for long if induced to root or dipped in. Contact the appropriate state environmental, water and mining agency for a listing or an inspector knowledgeable about ongoing activities. It depends on what crop you are investigating. 90. These enzymes are synthesised under the direction of nucleic acids. In general, plants host endophytes (bacteria and fungi) depending on phenological conditions. Soil pH strongly affects the microbial activities. Xylem plays an important role in conduction of water. The hormone produced during adverse environmental conditions is. (d) stomata on lower surface away from direct sun rays. 18. I don't want to let them differentiate and I need to maintain them in the undifferentiated mode. Application of 40 kg s/ha to oilsed based ceopping system is found to increase the yield, oil and protein content of the seeds. b) isodiametric cells with deposits of cellulose and pectin at the corners. After emergence of new tecnologies such as LED systems in Plant factories, selection Of best cultivars for certain plant species urges us to find cost effective solutions. Most literature focuses on fitting gas exchange data, not fluorescence. It may be that it contains germination-inhibiting materials and here, Zamzam water may have a role or may have a role in increasing the speed of germination and imbibition---- This can be proven through a simple experiment, all you need for seeds and incubators. If you only trust your good guesses, you may be lucky and right, but mostly Nature goes other ways than what your predictions predict. (c): Potassium is an essential mineral. The light spectrum of red and blue light are most effective in performing photosynthesis for growing algae. 93. 48. 162. 175. In C4 plants, there are two carboxylation reactions which occur first in mesophyll chloroplasts and then in bundle sheath chloroplasts. The prize – winning discovery is known as “reversible protein phosphorylation”. 160. The oxaloacetic acid breaks up into pyruvic acid and CO2 which combines with RUDP to form PGA as in Calvin cycle. The enzyme is phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase. Shoot Ca and Mg in glasshouse-grown plants was highly correlated with data from the field. Further it has enzyme PEP-carboxylase. 24. 34. This decline in photosynthesis is called “Red drop”. It has a light absorbing or light detecting portion attached to small protein of about 1,24,000 daltons. An antisense RNA to a photosynthetic enzyme reduced the enzyme activity very specifically and the effect on the rate of photosynthesis at different light fuxes could be observed. A. pistachiae is resistance to most of insecticide especially Neonicotinoids family. When you pinch the plant so you have discarded the first flowering means the plant will have more time to store more photosynthates rather than utilizing these in reproductive growth so when the plant start flowering these stored food (in larger quantity) material will be diverted toward the flower and ultimately the flower size will be larger. It is available to the plants as boric acid and borates of calcium and magnesium. In particular I want to explain the relationship between plant hormones and the length, weight and area of the different plant organs. (d): Stomata are tiny pores found in the epidermis of leaves and other soft aerial parts. 36. By which action a seed coat becomes permeable, to water. Is any other way possible? Mo is responsible for nodulation in legumes. Plants, but not animals, can convert fatty acids to sugars by a series of reactions called. These catalyse a variety of reactions including epoxidation, A-dialkylation, o-dialkylation, .s-oxidation and hydroxylation. How to do a quantitative hand pollination experiment? To approve your results, compare them with your spect’s. In VIGS we silence genes but i wish to know if the silencing signal spreads in root or not.

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