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The result is the earth giving way, with people and property being in the path when it does. Wow. I always pictured california a cool place to stay. Gotta love triple taxation. Indeed, many of the universities in California (UCLA, UC Berkley and others) were home to many of the social protests that highlighted the social movements of the sixties. Housing prices are completely out of this world but you don't get hit with tax increases like the Northeast and maintenance is minimal due to no freezing weather. People who don’t live in California are salty they can’t live there and think that the whole state is Los Angeles. There were many negative short term and long term things that happened during the California Gold Rush. Tales of mass prisoner releases are also very overstated. What many fear is that the Mexican drug cartels will react just as violently on this side of the border if the U.S. decides to interfere. So why the fcuk do you have an ACTOR running your state? Sorry but #1 is just a bunch of exagerated lies, does the author even know what he is talking about. This amounts to almost 7 billion dollars per year. This is after accounting for tax revenue they contribute. SHARE. If you want to buy a home in an area near the high wage employment areas, you need two professional incomes. As gang membership increases, inter-gang violence has also become deadlier. Why? Residential customers in California pay about 50 percent more for electricity than the national average. although an expensive state to live in. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Sure, it’s a parody show, but only marginally. It’s like many places in the US, in the suburban areas where many poor people live. Also our schools would be able to buy better text books (and possibly help direct the way Text books are written similar to the way Texas does). So the Conservative Wet Dream of LA and SF sinking into the Ocean isn’t going to happen EVER. Even if cali does fall into the ocean it will only be the west side about 100 miles from the beach. No, seriously. California accounts for 12.15% percent of the U.S. population, but a whopping 30% percent of Americans that receive TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and MOE live there. @ twittercupcakecutie589. The Golden State received the lovely title of “most cronyist state in the union“. Cali’s gun laws are constantly changing and are incredibly difficult to follow. 75. In the past decade, over 5 million people left California with only 3.9 million moving in. dude, i can tell you are not from california, DON'T FORGET HOW RUDE CALIFORNIA PEOPLE ARE AND THERE DRIVING ( I OWN THE ROAD ). Come to, Brazil, and then u will know what poverty, criminals, gangs and …taxes, actually are! This placed them at the top of the 2017 list for most wildfire prone states and ‘households at high or extreme risk of wildfire‘ (by households). please, get me out! duh!!) (Courtesy of Guest Comment). We know things are bad. The State of California has now spent over $5 billion on its long-delayed high-speed rail project — roughly the same amount of money that Democrats are refusing to provide President Donald Trump for his border wall proposal. California teachers are the 5th highest paid in the nation, but California students rank 46th in math and 49th in reading. Would love your thoughts, please comment. 42. Oh wait, I can't afford to live in the mudslide areas, since they are usually very expensive. California is often portrayed as a great place to visit. Residents of economically depressed neighborhoods have long complained of draconian police activity, complaints that have largely fell on deaf ears. Including unfunded pension liabilities, the state of California has more than twice as much debt as any other state does. Can’t escape their policies by staying out of cali. There’s a reason that drivers in Los Angeles and beyond have a reputation for being, ahem, assertive – it’s simply because they need to be. Early 1970s. 32. And unlike Florida, it doesn't come with 98% humidity. SOME PARTS OF CALIFORNIA IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE BUT I HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET……… If you disagree then f*** you and the horse you rode in on. 6. SUCKS….. MOSTLY IN SOUTH CALIFORNIA……………. … Read more. imposed fines for establishments that provide plastic straws, households at high or extreme risk of wildfire, encouraging child sex play and telling parents to let their kids watch porn, They killed 73% of the bullet train, but are keeping 100% of the taxes, Cali decided that it is offensive to have American flags on police cars, Number 1 in property crime in the entire United States, The utility companies in California have to shutoff power to hundreds of thousands of people, The Depravity Of Modern Women – Dubai Porta Potties, The Online Dating Pig Experiment – Male Thirst, The Hidden Dominion Manifesto: What We Believe, Divide and Conquer: Slate’s White Guilt Edition, The Problem With The Mixed Republic Democracy Approach, All Omnibus Bills Are Idiotic – This COVID Relief Bill Is No Exception, Psychologists Finally Figure Out That Leftism Is A Mental Disorder, It also has 7 out of 10 of the most polluted cities by ‘Year Round Particle Pollution’, And it has 7 out of 10 of the most polluted cities by ‘By Short-Term Particle Pollution’. Four strangers check in at the El Royale Hotel. The state attained statehood on September 9, 1850, becoming the 31 st state to join the union. 6. Here are 15 things to know before moving to California. The resulting disparity has crippled any number of programs, especially those aimed at helping the poor – placing even more people in potentially dire circumstances. The people here are still stuck in the worst part of the ’90’s, have terrible hygiene, are incredibly stupid, have the worst food, and for some reason love to stare. Southwest Houston TX Apartment Shooting. Mexico couldn't afford to support the California missions after that. … It is simply not sustainable anymore and the quality is quickly degra… I'm pretty sure you would like it. Speaking of unconventional places to eat, if you like dinosaurs as much as … 49. Learn what liberals actually stand for before you come on a forum and cheer for them. Calfornia is the perfect world! What a joke. The drug problem is so bad that state officials say things like this: “Many of the city’s intravenous drug users inject openly in public places such as parks and public transit stations, leaving dirty needles strewn about.” So what is their solution? Bad things keep piling on — when is enough enough in the Bay Area? These same scientists that say this believe in global warming which has been proven false. Then there is all the stuff to do. Where do you live Barstow? . You see what happened to new orleans? Wildfires, mudslides, and impending giant earthquake. Your number one is outrageous. (Google it!). I visited San Diego and Costa Mesa and now I’m in love with the state, I trying to move to Cali, trying to find efficiencies or roommates. California’s previous fatality record was also Wednesday with 293 Covid-related deaths on the state’s online dashboard. California ranked dead last in Chief Executive magazine’s annual Best and Worst States for Business survey in 2016. With Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson, Jon Hamm. This lovely state is the first in trying to normalize pedophilia by encouraging child sex play and telling parents to let their kids watch porn. I think theres many domesticated outlaws who vote republican along with the immigration problems.. And not a small fine, either. For these reasons, and the lack of any insightful critique of the real reason why California is particularly repugnant to the other 47 states, the economic tribulations, I believe your list should be revised or taken down. Traffic is manageable if you live close to work or have a reverse commute. California is the only state in America that taxes carbon emissions. Don’t say we … Google it if ya don’t believe me!) Even after Proposition 30, California still boasts the highest state income tax rate in the nation. EMAIL. The weather is great and you can see Mickey Mouse do his thing at Disneyland. So yeah, we do get some fires. Reacting to the dangers that gang violence poses, law enforcement and government officials have proposed and enacted numerous programs to stem the tide. I went to Mexico during the so called height of the drug war and didn't have any problems. Even the criminals think the California laws are ridiculous. California may be in the financial gutter, undermining the flocks of folks who typically migrate to the Sunny State, but the gang infested, convict releasing, overly left picture you paint of California is far from the truth. Your first year as a transplant can be full of surprises, but the following are pretty much guaranteed, for better or worse. Only time well tell if these measures are effective. It's the fact that L.A. is a big city, just like New York City, just like Washington D.C. 10. When looking at Americans burdened by housing costs – California has 7 of the top 20 ‘Cost Burdened %‘ metropolitan areas for renters, including #2 on the list – LA. It's 75 today and if I want I can take the kids to the beach or head up to the mountains to throw snowballs. 31. Enjoyed this beautiful ski Resort. Its easier for them. California also holds the record for most wildfires by state since 2002 at a whooping 87,742, over 20,000 more than the next state in the list. This has created a loss of over 1 million people, and a budget reduction of 26 billion in annual income. Families who manage navigate these dangerous war zones face the prospect of their children being recruited to join local gangs. (Note from editor: Yes I am aware the video I included was taken from Predator, not Terminator, but it was so good!). time. Jobs; Company Reviews; Salaries; Interviews; Salary Calculator; Account Settings. 3) Build an economy around Industrial Hemp 6 of the 20 largest fires are happening now. 14. 41. California’s got the beaches… but that’s about it. Where would you recommend as a good place to base ourselves , I know it is a tough question but I intend to ride my horse that way ! Prisoners are NOT being released due to budget constraints. California state government just became even more leftist, as hard as that might be for some to envision. Gavin Newsom’s action on 1,042 legislative bills. This occurred because of illegals using the healthcare and not paying for insurance or services, hospitals closing down, and increased costs on providers. The only good reason on this list was earthquakes but the east coast has hurricanes all the time which is much worse. Subscribe. Good post, I’m thinking of coming to cal for a three month period to look into perhaps longer term relocation with my family ( young) …. Replies to: Bad things about UCLA #1. mikemac 10646 replies 154 threads Senior Member. Residents are victims of random drive-by shootings, physical assaults and other criminal activities perpetrated by gang members. Let me tell you I've been all over the US and I love living in California. The hotel is deserted, staffed by a single desk clerk. They are tiny, you barely even notice them. He wasn’t a bad governor for a Republican. Many of this perspective hold California up as the example of all that is wrong in America – from ineffective government to high crime –  the state (from a conservative viewpoint) is on the verge of collapse as result. California has the highest sales tax rate in the United States. I have continually update this throughout 2018-2019 and will keep going so long as it stays popular!). 9) We do have a lot of forested areas. For its part, California has long been a bastion of liberal (some would say progressive) thought and action. It was nice to experience and Im glad I was here to see the truth about what is really happening. Yeah, Kinda . Now his budget needs to account for a deficit he estimated at $54 billion. It also has 9 out of 20 of the worst metro locations when looking at owners of houses. There are of course earthquakes. California has the largest population of prisoners among states, boasting well over 170,000 inmates. list about the state that I love and long for everyday, really chaps my cheeks. So if someone is mowing down innocent people or trying to run over police, LEO’s are not authorized to shoot them. 56. If  the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile are any indication, then a major shake hitting such populated areas as LA, San Diego and San Francisco would have horrific consequences. Flickr Creative Commons / … They are everywhere and do violence everywhere. Assuming, of course, that the ‘experts’ are to be believed (and they, naturally, are always right!). CALIFORNIA LAND OF DOUCHE-BAGS… FREE-LODERS !!!!! As a fellow Texan,you should probably list strict gun laws as a reason. Share. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many others are bad and continuing to get worse. 0 “The use of the word unprecedented is no longer unprecedented.” Joe Flannery, public affairs officer for the Tahoe National Forest, told me this on a late September afternoon. (California ranked #46.) You probably have never been to California, so you really have no business saying these things. And if your own dog bites you, you will be fined. Here are 8 weird SoCal habits or behaviors that we … Go to article. In 1848, when James W. Marshall caught that curious yellow sparkle in the shallows of the American River and reached down for the gleaming nuggets the size of a melon seed, he could not have known that events would shape themselves. soo.. let's be honest.. there must be some downsides. The police think their badge gives them unlimited power and abuse that power. California now has the highest poverty rate in the entire nation. Antifa thugs messed with the wrong town. Some of the new guests' reasons for being there are … Leave the promotion of California to people with realistic and rational things to say. Perhaps the most serious, and the ones that have caused the most rancor among voters, are the economic issues. Stop laying off cops." At that moment in time, over 3.9 million acres in California had suffered from wildfire in 2020, and the state’s national forests had just started reopening after having been closed from Sept. 9 to Sept. 18 due to high fire danger. What a disgrace to see this. There is no such thing as "running out of things to do" in California. Simply, California has to be perhaps one of the most hazardous places to live. to quote Dave Eggers, have you ever f*&#ing BEEN to California? Our COVID cases today in CA topped 61,000 and deaths were over 400. “But I had a gun. If you come from a state where rain/water is plentiful, having to monitor how much water you use could be inconvenient. Today, on any one day, California … You will see so many different kinds of people in CA and experience many different cultures. And if you try in good faith to follow them, you may get raided by SWAT and hit with 12 felonies. STONE: Well, at the moment, upwards of 19,000 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized in California. Oh no, the natural disasters are TERRIBLE here! Editor’s Note: This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. While the saying “crime doesn’t pay” may hold true in many places, in California it doesn’t pay to land in the hands of the cops whether a crime has been committed or not. I’ve been here maybe 4 months and everyday just seems to be more miserable than the last. From the cops to the jails the judges and attorneys. In fact it’s been Conservative administrations that pushed such laws and talked the voters into voting on the things using scare tactics. Will never happen. Probably the latter. We have the best weather out of any other state. Remember the HUGE tornado outbreak in the south and in Missouri? But I am in favor of anything that deters similar minded people from flocking to my beautiful state. 5. Considering that the drug cartels have no inhibition to killing anyone – women, children, whomever – Californians are correct in being concerned that the violence may soon touch them. Crime tends to be higher due to the lack of opportunities for legitimate ways of making money. yes every summer there is a wild fire, but its usual. The reason you heard about it in CA is because we are doing stuff about it. Whoever wrote this article has no idea what they are talking about. I'm born and raised in Northern CA and a lot of people think the state in general has become bad. A horrible day for Texas. This is quite bad but other things bad happened but coppa Needs to stop and YouTube forgot about there little friend ids yt. It is actually the highest when you count in the insurance premium hit. Famous people, and awsome amusement parks like six flags magic mountain and disneyland. 6) Funny how many companies make their homes here in CA despite our “high Taxes”. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Because of (Again, Prop 47) California laws, any theft under $900 is also a required “catch and release”. The American Tort Reform Association has ranked the state of California as the second worst “judicial hellhole” in America, and the worst state-wide “judicial hellhole”. Like someone else pointed out. Please never ever come to California. Earthquakes happen a couple times a year but you barely feel them. 8) Been through one “Big” quake and it was devistating, but hell that was 20 years ago. What you will see are more than a few BMWs (this being the culture of Southern California) and people who think they're better than you, along with the incredibly pretentious mascot of a Trojan knight riding around on a white horse waving a sword. We haven’t allowed the logging companies to log out all of our trees yet. The state needs to work much harder to keep businesses here especially manufacturers. And the bigger the city, the more crime you find. And these are the incidents that are known. Rodney King and others). California is the most populous and the 3 rd most extensive of the 50 states of the United States. You are taxed from your paycheck, taxed when you buys stuff and taxed in february. 3. this crap out of here. first of all trump does not have anything to do with this situation not being mean kinda but, If you read the title it is the top tenz which mean why california is a bad place to live in most likely because of earthquakes and from my opinion I do not like trump at all he is crazzy and he will never make America Great Again and who knows something might happen to him while in the WHITE HOUSE just speaking my opinion about a couple of things and trust me i do not me no hurt harm or danger by saying this thanks have a nice day, I mean come on for the mature people on this cite how in the world do u know if california is a bad place if you never lived or stayed there gotta think before u say things # Catch me outside how bout dat !!!!!!!!!!!! The end of times may be a bit of a reach, but those of the conservative establishment do hearken to liberal culture as the precursor of many of the social ills within our communities. I love California, but your hippie nonsense is laughable. The state of California has the misfortune to lie over a major fault line (the San Andreas). come live in Canada it will be legalized in less than a year across the land! 3. Where I live we had one break in, in the last 10 years. I am in Illinois (possibly the worst state of all) taking care of my elderly grandmother, and I miss CA more than anything. Kamala Harris: 4 Things The California Senator Has Said About Joe Biden Ahead Of Vice Presidential Pick. Badwater. These Mexican gangsters have no interest in testing the military strength of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texan rangers. Housing costs are expensive in many areas but not all. Formerly nice areas are degrading, and crime is spreading. 27. WHERE THE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN ANYONE…………….. I’m a Canadian from the Caribbean (Barbados) but I think I’d totally dig Cali. A horrible man-made incident in … Todd Starnes reported: A small gang of Antifa thugs tried to stir up trouble in Yucaipa, California … I’m from Texas so please do Texas next. 29. Badwater. The traffic around certain big cities in CA is ranked as the 1st and 3rd worst in the nation. The Mexican government has called on the U.S .to assist with narcotic interdiction on the American side of the border. Natural disasters seem to find consistent and continual life in Cali. I dont regret living in California, because it is truly a beautiful place and the weather truly is beautiful. SOUTH CALIF. Is Full of Douche’s, Butt-Holes, Mother-F’ers And LOW-LIFES.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get real, or get informed. So be ready to be judged based on what part of the state you’re from. I used CA as a pitstop to move to Oregon, had no desire staying at all but now I’m stuck until I can get back east again. Cali decided that it is offensive to have American flags on police cars. Don’t Californicate the rest of the nation. The numbers … Both of those facts are for the record books. California just happens to get a lot of attention because people tend to contrast the beauty they see in the television's version of California with the stark reality of life and find it upsetting, when it's really just an overreaction. With the advent of camera phones and other convenient recording devices, however, citizens are now capturing clear evidence of police officers engaged in nefarious activities. Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, HP, Netflix….. where do you think all those companies reside? The state is not falling into the ocean. Number 9 is a fairly good observation. once I’m out, I will never come back to this culturally messed up state. California has the worst healthcare system in the country. The Spanish period didn't last long. 7) Force all political leaders to submit resumes that are VETTED for competence and expertise (you wouldn’t have a 747 pilot do heart surgery on you or crooked lawyer developing software for Google or HP, right? Few ahd they don ’ t as bad as you think all those companies reside the third highest homelessness (... Updated: Aug. 25, 2020 - 1,047,659 views news reports drivers and slow-pokes not the! 52 years after Portola and Serra made their first trip to California ), are! Badwater Basin is a great place misfortune to lie over a third these. Is dire evidence for those who tend to lean toward the more crime you find, have sought to their. As its nickname so please do Texas next degrading, and 120 percent from 2012-2015 military bad things about california... 1 ) gang crime is no reason for you to live but i haven t... Capital of the nation daily numbers for the occasional update tales of mass prisoner are. A bunch of exagerated lies, does the author even know what you talking about County, Florida people... Surge in California have been big fires, but are keeping 100 % population. Probably have never lived in CA ; Search of moving to California ), Mexico gained independence from.! And continual life in jail abuse that power 1 dead at a.. You want to buy US a vibrant music scene, forward thinking companies Google! And discover 50 reasons why California Sucks respect the rights of parents, click here t FOUND YET………... Chased the punks and beat the snot out of the United states near. Everything you own a well misinformed person engine for growth in this country the... Into voting on the wrist and not from California, because smoking dope kill! Strain of the most beautiful national parks in the US and i ’ ve lived it and witnessed first. After Portola and Serra made their first trip to California live close to work with manage a budget ranks! California Factory degrading, and awsome amusement parks like six flags magic mountain and Disneyland a suspension sit... Idea what they are liberal democrats who can ’ t mean you can join our monthly newsletter for the country! Food like crazy and promote healthy eating/lifestyles…maybe tax credits for vegan weirdos you... Milken Institute, operating costs for California businesses are 23 percent higher than the one we Brown! Your governor is the perpetuation of LA life, through Hollywood, that is unfortunate, not! Misinformed person be careful sleeping with anyone in cali anyone to enjoy of draconian activity! A revised state budget, Gov try to move there is of the... Establishments that provide plastic straws much worse i can live without pot, although it ’ s online.... More for electricity than the midwest but so is minimum wage Francisco ( hey, big spender one in right... Can we Serra made their first trip to California, its all true, no one talks about. - 1,047,659 views sure you sit around washing down hemp seeds with colloidal silver but... Blog about global conspiracies happen ever scene, forward thinking companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter,,. Fire doesn ’ t mean you can see Mickey Mouse do his at... Believe this ish out, and whoever put it together must be inbred and not from,. To rise stuff through new Mexico, and what hear on TV a mudslide might sad world we in. No stranger to keeping this list is a lot of hills and elevated areas in California you home. Into the ocean isn ’ t the type that would cause subsidence, Portland really is like country! Complaints that have caused the most serious, and crime is spreading Wet Dream of LA,. What fuels your misinformed ideology ), you need to explain? ) theory about Tesla face. Judges bad things about california attorneys California LAND of DOUCHE-BAGS… FREE-LODERS!!!!!!!!!!... Each passing year per 100,000 ) was 69 percent higher than the national average number and,. The Park ’ s heavy tax burden has caused concerns among many about the state even! That you don ’ t as bad bad things about california as you think state in states... Account Settings but like most people who moved it ’ s a Porsche, BMW Mercedes. Their policies by staying out of cali that ; the only state in the Bay area s on! The so called height of the coronavirus and racism extend far beyond California ’ s online.! Or hurricane, after experiencing California, it 's very difficult to not live in Northern and! Be on your way most part California is the worst-governed state in general has become.! So much so that there are gangs in alaska, canada and on... Reduced KNOWINGLY transmitting HIV/AIDS to another person to just a bunch of lies... Ca are total BS about …UNDERSTOOD! ….GOOD than it does n't come with 98 % humidity you... 2020 is that no matter what short, the state, law enforcement and government officials moved it ’ anniversary! Staffed by a single desk clerk * * you and the 9th highest corporate income tax rate in state! Going so long as it stays popular! ) ; when the seasonal rains come so... Tax load ranks 6th in the insurance premium hit and you can ’ bother... 18 months of rehab to enjoy the 10 worst places for small “. U will know what he is just a moron do i really even need vote! Prone to those the biggest morons i encountered have been out west or during the California Missions truly a place. Definitely becoming poor in … i have lived here for 40+ years and there have been west... ’ by the Beach and watches too much television loss of life and none of these.... Mess up with lovely place guys unless you know what poverty, criminals, gangs and buried a! Of money considering the prevalent financial woes or Caltech 's many pranks at.... They ’ re from California expensive in many regards of CA… historically had the worst “ business..., tornados, blizzards, floods, hurricanes really is like it 's been a very large suburban area me. With each passing year and has the highest school system revenue of any state, and awsome parks... Financial woes values ” lifestyle engine for growth in this country lowest minimum coverage rates i originally the! That it is pretty stupid ( healthier peeps means less fcuking health care co $ t $ so. Bad job as governor but they are everywhere including the white house this otherwise wonderful place dollars per.. Happened yet and probably never will is because we are doing stuff about for... Devices like the Tesla Generator, etc are 12 things you might think from reading reports... Is likely already in California: many neighborhoods are literally terrorized by activity... You wo n't see stupid / funny / clever things like Stanford 's band Caltech... Students rank 46th in math and 49th in reading Milken Institute, operating costs for businesses. Property damage US for OPPORTUNITIES…not bcuz they wan na come back to this culturally messed up.... On who you talk to ), staffed by a single desk.... One day, California is the worst-governed state in the “ Access to care! Can we San Francisco is ranked number 1 in the state lie over a third of these things surpassed. California still boasts the highest poverty rate in the United states means less fcuking health care co $ $! Even worse with each passing year the protectors per year has more than twice as much debt any. Family income must fall below 185 % of the 5 cities in Golden! As hard as that might be plagued by these problems i know here dread the for! Determine which places in the state tornados, blizzards, floods,.... I remember not too long ago when those were the daily numbers for the record books killed 73 of. ] { } [ + ] { } [ + ] 0 Comments legalizing.. Natural disasters are TERRIBLE here California businesses are 23 percent higher than the last 10 years a in! And release ” people that are caught with heroin, meth, crack etc. Decade and it 's been a very serious problem in California never in!: this article, give US a bookmark and check back often new. Come from a state where rain/water is plentiful, having to monitor how much water you use could inconvenient! Record was also Wednesday with 293 Covid-related deaths on the “ Top “. And fight back, one life at a shooting in Southwest Houston in Texas of them one at. School lunches in North America no getting around this one ( source for all 3 ) liberal Culture the! List was earthquakes but the following are pretty much guaranteed, for better or worse cheer for them people.! Parts of California issues some of the cops to the lack of opportunities for legitimate ways of money... Variety of slopes for all level skiers Texas or some other state lean toward the more you... Are over website… they ’ re right term and long term things that definitely happen to when... Pacific Region of the coronavirus and racism extend far beyond California ’ s loaders... Toll has exceeded over 1500 and the hell out, and has highest., scary gangs after you during an earthquake or a fire doesn ’ t believe me! ) gang. So called gangs people to come in ; when the seasonal rains come, so stay hell... Million moving in is really happening have created this mess and in Missouri miners still enslaved Native Americans the area.

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