Recycled bag as promotional gift in Malaysia

It is that time of the year again for another event. Maybe you’re having a company open day, organizing a conference, holding an exhibition or simply introducing a new product. Regardless, what is an event without guests? And these guests can’t just return empty handed, what will people say? For this matter, you need a promotional door gift, but what to choose?

One gift which tops the list, is a recycled paper bag.

Have you ever walked around and came across a bag that made you think, “Oh my, that bag looks nice!” We’re not talking about designer bags here. We’re talking about paper bags. Good old’ paper bags, but not just any paper bags. While the materials for these bags ranged from cardboards to laminated papers to recycled papers, all of them share the same characteristic, and that is the patterns drawn on their surfaces. Some may have floral patterns, fauna patterns, some may even have cartoon patterns.

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Regardless of each person’s varying aesthetic values, none would deny that these paper bags catch the eyes of the onlookers. Most of these paper bags often have simply patterns or drawings on them, printed upon a monochrome background. And this makes them a lot more eye-catching than even the most expensive single coloured designer bags made of gold and leather.

These paper bags are also quite durable. Most often, they can be used for hundreds of times without any significant signs of damage. It can’t carry too much load, mind you, but then again, what bags can carry more than it’s designed for? It’s durable enough to carry a hundred times its own weight, which is good for its price.

Speaking of price, perhaps there is no need to be said that these paper bags are very affordable. A company can purchase a thousand of these and it wouldn’t even make a noticeable increase in its expenses. For mass events, where a catchy but a lot of affordable door gifts are needed, recycled paper bags are great and perhaps more suitable than specially designed event pens.

For mass events, a functional door gift is much more suitable than one designed for elegance. It can function as an eye-catcher. It can function as a bag, for your guests to carry brochures, samples, free gifts or simply their own purses. Since the paper bags can carry items many times their own weight, one can use it to carry books, groceries or as a general carryall. A recycled paper bag can carry anything that can fit inside it and this can serve as free long-term advertisement for your events, even long after your events have passed, in case you’re planning on holding it again in the future.

Many things can be said about recycled paper bags, but no one can deny that it’s a very good door gift where propriety is more important than elegance. It is catchy, it looks nice, it’s durable, it’s cheap and it’s functional. Why would anyone not want to use recycled paper bags for a promotional door gift?