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Sorry I also meant to ask, did you keep you DS at the school you didn't like? The main points of entry are at the ages of 4 (Reception), 7 (Year 3), 11 (Year 7) and 16 (Sixth Form). Thank you both. Hi Just registered here. Popular independent co-ed day school (a few boarders) in leafy suburbs. DD1 and DD2 have both been at Tormead ever since. Our users often ask questions and request information about the term dates, uniform , ofsted, mumsnet, teachers, former pupils and classmates, teachers and … Most selectives are good at picking the children they know will thrive there, but sometimes it goes wrong. Tormead School Reviews. My husband and I are considering Tormead junior school for our daughter and have a couple of questions we are hoping someone here could answer: Are the majority of the girls spread from all over the place, meaning fewer friends in the Guildford area and more car journeys to see friends? My DD spent 8 years there but we and 50% of her year left after GCSE (Guildford High have a 95% retention for 6th form in comparison). Approximately 10% of each Upper Sixth year group will be offered places at Oxford or Cambridge; the rest will attend a huge variety of Universities and Art Colleges. At Tormead School for girls in Guildford, Surrey, the site has become such a problem among the girls in Year 7 that the headteacher, Christina Foord, is … Assessment. Located in Guildford, Surrey, Tormead is one of the country’s leading independent day schools for girls aged 4–18 years old. We are very proud of our school and its ethos of encouraging each individual pupil to develop her talents to the full in a happy, caring and supportive environment. What passions she develops and how these interact with the teacher's she has, the others in her class, and what they think of as important.In your circumstance I would request an appointment with the Head/or other senior teacher in the Prep school and honestly tell them about the issues your daughter has had so far.I know Tormead has been quite honest when taking some friends children (saying things like they'll make sure she has a good time in the prep school but she might find it harder in the senior school). There is always going to banter between the local schools whether it be sports or plays etc....and is the same for many other schools. The general ethos at Tormead is about having a broad educational experience. We are committed to providing an excellent, all round education in a warm, stimulating and supportive environment. To have bought a skirt that will drive me insane? The girls want to do well and work hard so it almost creates a very different atmosphere where teachers deliver and facilitate and girls take on board and enjoy learning. She has also presided over a major building project that has dragged the senior school buildings into the 21st century. Talk to an expert. I hope a Tormead parent comes along to let you know about the new head as I'd be interested too. To have bought a skirt that will drive me insane? If I am not sure that Tormead will suit her then she will stay where she is while we give her current school another year and hope a new class teacher will make a difference. To register your daughter, please complete a Registration Form.. Yes the head is very proud and can come across arrogant but she has a lot to be proud of! Gut feel is that Tormead ticks all the boxes. If so how long until you felt happy with it? To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Tormead School Class of 78/9, Guildford. A netball court and a sports hall doesnt go far for a whole year group of girls and especially now with all the building work.

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